Monday, May 17, 2010

A Sunday Date with Kellen ...

I love to spend time with our boys. When I watch them together, I laugh and realize how lucky we are. I love to watch the three boys together, but I also feel like it is important to spend a little one on one time with each. A couple of weeks ago I posted pics that I took on a Sunday morning date with Hunter. This week was Kellen's turn.

No matter who comes with me on Sundays... the routine is always the same. We go to church and then we walk to Duets - my favorite coffee shop. Kellen thinks he is a mini adult, so he likes to share a frappe' with mama (he has good taste). After a treat at the shop, we walk back to the car and usually spend some time at the community park - the kids love the trees and the fountain. Kellen knows that I am always armed with a camera and he lives to ham it up!

We also went to the local greenhouse and took advantage of the nice weather and beautiful scenery for some pictures. I am a bit partial, but I love these pics...

It was a great Sunday date!

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