Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Blue Bird House - A Joint Effort

So a few weeks ago, a volunteer from the local nature center offered to help Eli's class build Blue Bird houses. Scott and I try to rotate out for school events so that there is always somebody to share Eli's fun days at school. In the past, it seems to have worked out that I get field trips and scott gets activities at school... except for this year! Yeah, I either totally underestimated the complexity of a Blue Birdhouse or overestimated my ability to follow simple instructions. To make a long story short, here is a great picture of one of the other boy's gramps helping Eli to rebuild his birdhouse after I managed to screw up the very first piece! If you look behind Eli and this helpful soul, you will also note that most of the kids in Eli's class have completed their birdhouses (Eli noticed, to which he stated..."I knew Scott should have helped with this one.")
Eventually the construction of the birdhouse was completed and we brought it home. Next step ... figuring out how to mount it. I can take credit for this. Trying tp redeem myself, I bought the supplies and mounted the birdhouse while everybody (specifically, Scott and Eli) were out of the house. With a little artistic help from Hunter and Kellen, we now have a Bluebird House that any Bluebird should be proud to call home.

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