Monday, April 19, 2010


There are times when I get to stand back and really watch my kids. I get to be a part of their moment without having to make meals, or get them ready for bed, or chase them around saying, "no, no." I get to stand back and enjoy everything about them. Hunter and I got to share a morning like this the other day. It was so fun to stand back and watch him discover and just be Hunter. While I watched him play, I realized how fast time flies. On April 24, 2010, Hunter turns 3 and I can't believe how lucky we are to have this little boy as our son.

When Hunter came to us, we did not know how long he would be part of our lives. All we knew was that we were going to treasure every moment with him. I remember watching him and trying to store every sound he made, every cute thing he did, and all of the quite time together. Now that he is going to be 3, these memories come flooding back.

I look at his soft skin and I remember the first time I caressed his head until he fell asleep ...

I look in his eyes and I am transported to the many times he watched my face as he drank his bottle in my arms ...

I love to watch Hunter run because it reminds me how free he is and how much he has overcome in his 3 years ...

Most of all, I love to see him smile because it reminds me of the joy he has brought to our lives. His laughter is contagious and the smiles he gives so freely, brighten even the darkest day.

Wishing Hunter a year full of joy, laughter and love - the same gifts he gives to us every day.

Happy Birthday Hunter!


  1. ♥ the new pics are adorable... Hoping Hunter has a extra special birthday on the 24th ♥

  2. Hunter may be a blessing to your family - to our whole family as a matter of fact - but you guys are an incredible blessing to Hunter as well. If it weren't for the wonderful homelife, love and guidance that you and Scott have given to him he would definately be a different little man. God bless you all! Give Hunter special birthday hugs from Auntie Joy and Uncle Rick!