Monday, April 5, 2010

Hornaman Easter

So, our Easter did not turn out as we had planned at all. However, all things aside, it was a good Easter. The kids all slept in and then when they were all bathed and dressed for the day, the Easter fun began. Once the baskets were found, it was time to enjoy the beautiful day. The boys had a great time playing bubbles,

and a few rounds of peek a boo...
The boys had a great time enjoying the good weather and each other. Mostly, Scott and I had a great time watching the boys. The day reminded us how lucky we are to have the gifts we were given. Our lives as a family have always taken unexpected turns, but days and moments like we shared on Easter Sunday help to keep it all in perspective. Life is good and the unexpected/unplanned can bring the best memories ever. I love these boys...

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