Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One of the days - again!

I'm pretty sure there are times when my boys go to bed rolling their eyes and happy for the escape from their unrelentless, no fun, too many rules mama.  Today was probably one of those  days!  Between nagging the oldest about taking school and responsibility more seriously, setting the youngest in time out numerous times for calling me or daddy "poopy" or "poopiacs (a combo word of poopy and maniacs), and the numerous times counting to 5 in an effort to get the 2 middle boys to clean their room, I, myself, am tired of hearing my voice.  It was just one of those days where there was not one minute of down time.

  I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure my boys had a secret meeting this am.  I can just see them camped out making a list of various ways to push as many of mamas buttons as possible.  If this is the case, i have to say that they suceeded.  By the time the last one was tucked in, I was ready to collapse from exhaustion.  However, as i sit here (well after midnight) winding up laundry and laying out clothes for tomorrow, I smile from ear to ear thinking of those cute little faces and voices (be they ever so sassy); I am looking forward to waking up to do it all again tomorrow.  

Maybe they will decide to take it easy on me tomorrow (highly doubt it) or maybe there will be some new, unforeseen challenge (odds are pretty good), but thank you God for another day with my boys.  And thank you for letting my heart see them like this as it reminds me to start fresh and focus on the fun parts of parenthood!

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