Friday, May 17, 2013

A Little Face Lift for Our Little Space

I love our little house.  It is old (one of the oldest houses in our town) and has tons of character.  However, with the character comes a lot of work and many needed upgrades.  Reality is, Scott and I purchased this house when we were a family of 3.  It was our first home purchase, we were one of those families that got a home loan when EVERYBODY and ANYBODY (including us) could get a loan, and we were pretty idealistic.  Fast forward to today...

We are now a family of 6, living in a 2 bedroom home with tons of character that still needs so much work.  Much more realistic and less idealistic, we know that our home has lots of potential and we have a very, very, limited budget.  However, that does not stop me from wanting to make our "house" a "home."  So for Mother's Day, my boys kept this in mind.

Best Mother's Day gift ever... My boys and husband gave me a Saturday to myself and a gallon of paint...  The result, in my opinion, a pretty nice refreshing change in our bedroom.  

Before (the fall before Noah was born)

And After...

I am one of those super quirky moms that think the world loves her children's art work as much as she does so in my opinion, the potted plant with the kids handprints and this little lovely...

Seemed to fit right in.

I know - not too fancy, but I love that our new, little space could get a little facelift.  
I know, my appreciation of simple runs pretty deep - but maybe that's not so bad.

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  1. I love your room. I am also one of those moms who loves all the art, oh and actually almost everything my kids do!! Your boys treat you so well- I am glad you could make your space so adorable and special.