Saturday, June 11, 2011

Noah Rainn - 14 Weeks

Amazing how many big things can happen in such a short amount of time and how quickly time gets away - especially in the life of an infant. Noah is growing and maturing super fast. Evryday he learns something new and he becomes his own little person. In the last couple of wweeks, I have gone back to work, Noah sleeps through the night regularly, and he has become the most laid back little guy. Noah is quite the conversationalist and loves his floor time. He does get a bit grouchy during tummy time but here is a pic of him tolerating tummy time with a smile - all be it a short lived one.

This last week has also been a big one as Noah seems to be setting teeth. When Noah is not talking to us, he is sucking his fist and drooling.

Overall, Noah is changing daily and we are enjoying every minute we have of this time that seems to go by way too quickly!

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