Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Noah Rainn - 12 Weeks Old

It has gone by too quickly. Noah is 12 weeks old already (tears) I can not believe how quickly this time has gone by and how much I have enjoyed every minute of it. Noah has changed so much from the first time we laid eyes on him and he is developing quite the personality. Noah has made it clear to me that posing for pictures is no fun and he would prefer if I did not stick the camera in his face every chance I get. Thus, the number of sharable pics taken during this leave have been pretty limited. However, here are a few shots just to show you what a little man Noah is turning into:

This is one of my favorites from today.

While Noah does not love having his pic taken, he does love his bath...

I am totally enjoying the ride as Noah becomes his own little person and shares his many smiles, coos, and quiet moments with us.

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