Friday, February 12, 2010

Hunter's New Boots -

Hunter is going to be 3 in April. He knows exactly how he feels about things and what he likes or doesn't like. When we make a family trip to Target, Hunter is always on the look out for something that interests him and something he thinks he can't be without. These frog boots are Hunter's latest find ...

I am sure you are looking and thinking they are pretty cute. That was my first impression. I thought, "What a great idea... fun boots that he can wear when playing outside in the spring." Well, these boots fast became 2 new appendages. They are as much a part of Hunter as his legs and arms or the blankie he carries with him continuously. I don't know why I am surprised as he did have to start wearing them in the store as soon as we could get his tennis shoes off. I guess he thought he would lose interest - Wishful thinking!

Looking back on the past week, Hunter has worn his frog boots to daycare 3 of 5 days. OK - I can handle the boots being used to go to daycare. Well, I found out on day three of the boots going to daycare that Hunter refuses to take them off. Better yet, 2 nights this week, Hunter convinced/sweet-talked big brother Eli (who would do anything for Hunter), to hand over the boots after everybody has been tucked in so he can wear his beloved boots to bed.

I keep wondering when this little phase will pass. We have tried bribery, hiding the boots, putting the boots in time out and even tucking them into their own bed at night. I am sure you are thinking I should just put my foot down, but Hunter's mix of insistence and those big blue eyes - I just can't do it to the little guy! So, stay tuned for additional installments of Hunter and the travelling frog boots!

Could you say no to this face?

(image provided by - thanks Melissa)

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