Sunday, February 7, 2010

Five Men & A Mama?

Hi Everybody -

The title of our blog refers each of the members of our household and each of the men in my life (obviously, I am the mama). Let me take a minute to give you a brief description of each of my men ... Where to start? Perhaps chronological order might work best ...

Eli Richard

Meet Eli Richard Braun. Eli entered my life and heart on March 28, 2010. His dad, Richard, and I were truly blessed when this little guy was sent to us from heaven. I am very fortunate to say that Eli is my son and one of my best friends. Eli inherited his mother's love of gab and he always has something interesting to say. He is a great mix of nutty 8 year old and compassionate pre-teen. I enjoy every minute with him.

Scott Hornaman

First off, I need to say sorry to the girls who are looking for a guy who is a best friend, great dad, and overall great person because I think the supply was reduced by one when I married Scott. Scott and I met in the spring of 2004 and we have been together since. He really is my best friend. He is a good compliment to my personality and forces me to look at things in a new way. Scott can make me laugh until I cry or frustrate me until I am moved to silence, but I could not imagine my life with anyone else! Please don't tell him that because I will never hear the end of it!

Hunter Ryan

Meet my social butterfly! Hunter was born on April 24, 2007 and officially became our son on November 12, 2008. He is the sweetest little guy ever. He is 27 lbs of charm, joy, and affection. He gives the best "Holy Polies" (Hornaman code for kisses). He is the type of kid who will play for a wile and then feels compelled to come up and tell you how much he loves you. As if this is not sweet enough, he completes the whole gesture with a hug, nose rubby or Holy Poly. He is a true ladies man and everyone that meets him falls for those big, navy blue eyes, and long lashes.

Kellen Reed

And here is our baby! Kellen was born on August 23, 2007. Beware, the soft innocent eyes and cherub like cheeks only show a part of his personality. Take a deeper look into those eyes. Do you see it? There is a slight glimmer of mischief in those big brown eyes. Kellen knows he is the baby and tries to use it. He is my early riser (5:00 am to be exact). Kellen is also a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and watch tv or sleep in my arm in the big bed!

Hudson Festus

Hudson is our newest addition. Hudson was a Christmas gift to the boys and seems to fit right in. He seems to think he is a person. He loves to be everywhere we are. He and Kellen make quite the team at 5 a.m.

And so ends the inaugral posting to our web blog. Please stop back often and feel free to add to our story!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blog! I am so excited that we can keep up with you guys much easier now! Sometimes we feel so lost over here in South Dakota. Now we feel much closer to home thanks to you! I can't wait to hear more about the frog boot saga!!