Sunday, October 23, 2011

Annual Trip...

To Peter's Pumpkin Patch. Every year we venture to Peter's Pumpkins and let the kids pick their own pumpkins. The past 2 years, Hunter and Kellen have sought out the smallest pumpkins possible so they can carry them all by themselves. Eli and I seek out the biggest pumpkins possible, after all, who in their right mind can carve a gourd. Well this year, Hunter and Kellen finally understood that their mother does not have the steadiest hand, so a bigger pumpkin is a better idea.

I wish Eli could have come with this weekend. Looks like we will be making a special trip next weekend. However, it was good to watch the three little guys together (don't mind hunter's scowl in every pic - he was a bit over tired.

Happy Fall Everybody!

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