Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time to get a little prepared...

With my first child, everything was well in place before his birth.  His clothes were washed and in the closet, toys and baby gear were set up, and the room was painted and ready for him to come home  Six years later, Kellen's arrival was still organized, but perhaps not quite as finely tuned as Eli's.  Any disorganization was probably due in part to the fact that the summer was crazy.  Eli was six at the time and we had just welcomed home Hunter, who, 2 years later would officially become our son, 2 months prior to Kellen's birth.  This time around - totally unprepared.  After much procrastination, we finally put the crib up just over a week ago - keep in mind, I am due any day.  I am so grateful to my husband who converted our room to a gender neutral nursery and a space for us.  Everybody has asked how the nursery turned out and now that the room has been painted and the crib is up -we can share some pics.

This is the cork board that started it all.  Every month, I drag the fam to Waconia for the occasional sales and we found this inexpensive treasure at my favorite shop, "The Shop Around The Corner."

Now that we had the color scheme down, it was on to the crib bedding.  We decided to go very simple so we could coordinate our bedding to the baby's bedding.

We still have details to add, but thankful to my husband for getting us this far and hoping the baby will like his/her new space.  Hopefully he/she will be here sooner than later!


  1. thanks jen - he is adorable and we are loving every moment - it goes by way too quickly!