Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fever ...

The boys have been just dying to get outside after a long winter of being cooped up. There are days when we have to double check the locks because they will try to let them selves out of the house to bask in the spring sun. This weekend, I could not help bundling them up a bit and taking them outside. We let them out and they had a blast ..
Hunter could not get enough of the spring weather and the open space. He had a blast playing peek around the trees ...

Kellen felt the need to be the director of activites (a true boss even when he is outside). Here is a pic of our little Brutis bossing Hunter, the squirrels, and maybe the ants?

I think daddy had just as much fun as the little guys. Here is a great pic of daddy with his two minions!

Overall, it was a great time outside and enjoying the spring. I think it made Hunter and Kellen realize how lucky they are to have each other. True brothers ... The worst of enemies and the best of friends ... Here they are taking a break from annoying each other and showing how much they love each other.

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  1. Did the Frog Boots make it out to play as well??? LOL